Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The ever popular "Undershave"

Back in the 90's I had some friends who would shave underneath their hair. Male and Female. They would then pull their hair back so you could see the "under-shave". 
Well, I am losing me hair just at the base of my skull where the radiation is hitting. Soon I will be 1/2 bald. So far you cant tell because the rest of my hair is so thick. Losing my hair isn't bothering me like I thought it would. I guess I have become acustom to the idea. Plus, I have a dang cute wig and some adorable hats :)
Another change is my skin. My face used to be pretty oily. Now it is dry dry. I don't even have to use powder. Note that I only put make up on about once a week now. Last night I actually put make up on, went to dinner with Jeff, Jon and Jared and hung out for a bit after. It was nice to get out and feel normal for a bit. 
Today my throat is bothering quite a bit still, but tylenol dulls it. A friend, Connie, brought me some chocolate pudding which I was able to eat after the tylenol kicked in. At the mall last night, I so bad wanted a hamburger. Or chinese food. Or any normal food! 
Today will  be radiation #11 of 33. 1/3 the way there. A few weeks after that I should be able to eat normal food again. Gosh I hope so!!!

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Collin Loni and CY said...

I WAS ONE!! haha.. I did the shave underneath thing.. lol.. I didn't like my thick hair! haha.. My mom was so mad! You are BEAUTIFUL!! Take advantage of "no makeup" it's FUN! :) Love you!!