Monday, November 24, 2008

Are we done yet?

It's been 4 days since my last radiation, and a week since chemo. The doctors told me it would be weeks before I heal, but still I was hoping for a faster recovery. I thought I would feel at least somewhat better. Some of the side effects are getting worse though. I did find something to help with the radiation burns on my neck though. Doctors choice advanced wound care self adhering pads. They are like gel bandages. I tried one on one side of my neck, and in two days it was almost healed, while the rest of neck is still raw and today the rest of my neck is covered in bandages. Previously, I found comfort with neosporine plus (lidocaine), but had to re-apply it every couple of hours, and clothing and my hair would irritate.
My voice comes and goes still, mostly just a raspy whisper. My skin is pale. I'm not able to eat much, but some tastes are coming back, slowly. I drink a chocolate ensure at least once a day, but should drink it more. Valerie made me cheddar cheese and broccoli soup last night. I was grateful for the calories. She has been good to feed me whenever I stop by and it's nice to walk down and see her and the kids, or to stop by Isabel's and see her and her family.

Tonight I am going to dinner with the Monday night guys. I am good for about 2 hours out of the house, then I'm ready to come home, lately, but I always have fun at the Monday night dinners.

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