Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Chemo hitting me

I had chemo on Monday, and have felt pretty good since, but I woke up at 4am today with my stomach lurching. I got up and took some anti-nausea meds. My stomach was empty so I'm sipping on chicken broth and so far I'm keeping it down. 
Even though I am exhausted at night, I seem to only be able to sleep for a few hours at time at night. I have tried staying awake all day, but I think my body needs the rest of a couple short naps during the day. I also feel better when I walk a bit each day, even though it is usally just a block or two. Time to get out the scarves too. Loni made me a nice one and Shaunna and Kalynn each gave me one over the last couple of years. They will especially come in handy this year! the back of my head where I have lost hair gets soooo cold when I go out. I seem to have stopped losing my hair, and the top of it still covers where I've lost it so if I straighten it, you can't see the hair loss. In fact, it takes far less time to blow try and straighten now. It's almost a convenience :P
I am reading the November Ensign right now and there are so many talks that seem to hit home. They always do. The leaders of the LDS church all seem to be old enough to have either gone through health issues, or their loved ones have. In the past, I have kind of overlooked stories of people with health issues. I wasn't near as sympathetic as I should have been. Now, I am learning empathy. It's a rough way to learn it. Some of you are lucky enough, or kind enough, to have been born with it. Don't ever underestimate that talent. 
Well, It's almost 5, and I think my stomach has settled. I'm going to try to get some more sleep. 

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Lynnie said...

Sorry u can't talk much. I bet your kids love it (mine would). Love you much. See you on Monday for another rousing round of Chemo! Yeah for drugs!!!