Monday, January 26, 2009

40 lbs

I am down 40 pounds. I have maintained at 150 pounds for about 2 weeks now. This is good, because I will lose again when I start chemo again. I have had to start taking my anti nausea pills again because I started throwing up again. I thought the chemo was out of my system, but I guess not. The anti nausea pills make me a little loopy, but they do increase my appetite.

Yesterday I went to visit a couple friends. It was very good to see them. This weekend Jon, Tim and Jared all visited. It was nice to see them as well. Today I have to stop by work for a few minutes, them I'm going to eat dinner with Jeff, Jared and Tim. It should be a good evening.


Paige Marie said...

So, i am a big believer in silver linings and looking for the best in everything.. and I just have to say.. wow! 40 lbs! good job! I need to come visit you, but every time I get ready to come, I get like a cold, or the flue, and I do not want to make you sick. So I am staying away until i am healthy. Hope you are feeling great, and if you need anything please please call me. Remember that I love you tons and that you are in my thoughts and prayers!

Tracy Thompson said...

Hi Paige! Yeah I am happy about the weight loss. Also, I have grown closer to my family and friends and have become more spiritual. I also have more empathy for others who have medical problems. How are things going for you?