Friday, March 6, 2009

Last day of treatment

Well, it is finally here. I have been so excited for this day, but I woke up very nauseous today. My stomach is cramping and I'm dizzy...just trying not to move too much when inside I want to dance a jig!
I have been so lucky to be without nausea for much of this, but today is pretty bad. I look pretty bad too. I have a few sores on my face and my lips are so chapped. I am very weak. I was told the 3rd round is the roughest, and it has been. Although I'm used to the bag now and it doesn
't bother me, the side effects are stronger.
Mom will be here in an hour to take me to the cancer center. It shouldn't take too long there. They will take a couple of viles of blood, remove the needle in my chest, and give me a shot to increase white blood cells. The shot stings like a son of a gun!
In about 2 weeks I'll be at my lowest point (my blood will be) so if you are sick, come see me when you get better :)

I started radiation and chemo on October 6, 2008. And I am ending on March 6. 5 months of this roller coaster ride is enough for me! I'm ready to get off and start my life back up again now.

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taHiTiaN gAl said...

That is so awesome girl! You did it, you made it!