Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dr visit today

I saw the Oncologist yesterday. He did blood work and found that I am still anemic. My blood levels haven't improved since I finished treatment. White and red cells are both low. I haven't had much of an increase in strength or stamina since I finished treatment, so I wasn't really surprised. I was told to take ferrous iron supplements to try to build up my red blood cells. If that doesn't work, I will have to go in for IV treatments. I'm hoping I can tolerate the pills and that they do the trick. If so, then I can have my port removed.

Last time I went to the doctor, I got sick in the parking lot. Apparently it is common for cancer survivors to get nauseous when something triggers memories of treatment. That didn't happen yesterday, but I did have an odd reaction when I got in the doctors office. I was very nervous, almost panicky. I never had panic attacks before starting treatment, but have had several since. I suppose next time I should take someone with me.

I decided to start going to a couple support group meetings a week, starting today.

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