Thursday, July 9, 2009

Back in the game

My blog has been primarily about my experience with cancer. I am done with treatment, in remission, and am feeling better all the time. I have set backs, I am still anemic, and my muscle tone leaves much to be desired, but as a whole, things are looking very good.
Now it is time to get "back into the game". The game of life. The dating game. The working game perhaps.
I went on a date Tuesday with a very nice guy. Duke. He took me to dinner, and I made it through without incident, other than squirting myself in the eye with lemon juice. He said he was going to tell his friends that I started crying 5 minutes into dinner :P
Thankfully I didn't look like a raccoon after the acid induced tears ceased. He gave me roses and seems interested in another date. Maybe next time I will make him cry.

I have had a very busy week, and still feel well. I am grateful for that. I had a very nice blessing on Sunday. I strongly believe in the power of a blessing.

I am still looking for work. Still looking for a companion. Still looking for a great purse. I'll be happy if I find just one of those things this month.

I'm going to give a shout out to the website of a friend who just started a business. Good luck Troy!


heather said...

a purse i culd maybe help with, of course you'll have to buy it but kohl's has really goodpurses, sometimes for good rice, or o to ross, for a good cheaper knock off

Collin Loni and CY said...

YAY!! It was so good to see you! You look AMAZING!! Love you!