Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Getting over cancer and on with my life...

I have recently started a community garden in my back yard. there are 7 families including me. The garden area is HUGE and we have about half of it planted now. Christopher's old room has turned into a makeshift greenhouse for seedlings that will go in the ground after the last frost.

It is so nice to have a new hobby. Gardening will get me out in the sun, get me doing some physical exercise that isn't too strenuous, and help me to meditate in a peaceful setting. It is so important to find something that you enjoy doing after an illness.

I am also going to school and enjoying that very much. I know that learning new things has improved the chemo-brain that I was experiencing.

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Hayward Family said...

That's awesome!! I envy you for having a garden.. I don't have the patience! :)