Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Service for a service animal

Last night and this morning some friends of mine (Rebecca, Jared, and Jeana) came over to my place to build a wheel chair for an injured service animal. The animal is a dog that belongs to a deaf girl who goes to my school. While I love to do service for others, I would not call myself handy by any means. Thankfully the other three people involved are great with designing and building just about anything. With a couple of trips to the hardware store and a few hours of their hard work and my encouragement in the form of pie, it looks like the dog will have a new wheel chair, the student will have her dog back, and perhaps some good karma will be thrown in the general direction of me and my dear friends.


MM Enterprises said...

Hello, thanks for sharing your experience and your feeling.

Pentas Aksi said...

seems like MARIONEXXES roar in Harimau Malaya song