Monday, June 20, 2011

This cannot be possible! 40???

Tomorrow is my 40th birthday. 40. I don't know how this is happening. Sure, I have grown children, and even grandchildren, but 40 just seems unreal to me. I play Rock Band. I eat ice cream for dinner. I still get acne!
While I realize that 40 is just a number, it is a very large number, and I don't particularly like it. It seems to put me into a whole other category of people. I am dating a man who is in his thirties. The dynamics won't change after tomorrow, but it feels as though they will.

I loved the previous decade. I was much wiser in my 30's than my 20's, but still felt young. I looked better in my 30's, and I enjoyed life much more than ever before.

I will be 40, but I will continue to wear Pink Floyd t-shirts, play video games, and eat dessert for dinner. I will still be me. The question is this: Will I look ridiculous with a hot pink stripe in my hair, and will a man in who is still in his 30's want to marry a 40 year old?


Mai Yang said...

(",) 40 is just a number -♥ it!

Mai Yang said...

following you

Mercedes Nicolle said...

40 is just a number! And its possible for a 30 year old man to want to marry a 40 year old! I mean look at Mariah Carey she forty and she's married to Nick cannon, 30. And they're inlove. And just be yourself, have fun, andd live your live to the fullest check out my blog! (: