Friday, July 1, 2011

**Warning! Controversial post.**

This is a subject that some will disagree with, namely, women who were alive in the 60's, or at any time since, but one that I feel very passionate about. Women, while every bit as capable as men at most things, are in fact, different, and there is nothing wrong with embracing out femininity. None of us are the same, and our degree of femininity varies, but those things that make us different than men, should not be seen as a weakness. Men don't see it as a weakness in us, but for some reason, many women do. Men, in fact, embrace our femininity, and see strengths in us through it and because of it.
This is not to say that a woman can't change the oil in her car, or man a welding torch, or change a tire, she can do all of those things and still be a woman. She does not have to become a man in order to enjoy traditionally male hobbies or jobs.

Being feminine doesn't mean dressing provocative, and you don't have to slather your face with make-up or wear 3 inch heels, but do something to set yourself apart from men. Embrace your womanhood! Little things help me to feel more like a girl, and I honestly feel prettier and happier when I do them. Painting my nails, doing my hair, and shaving my legs all help me to feel prettier, and increases my self confidence. I was not born pretty, but make up sure tricks me into feeling like it some days :)
For my single girl friends out there, if you are looking for a man, then know that they are looking for a woman.

For my married girl friends, continue to take care of yourself physically for your husband. You expect him to continue to support the family, and fix things around the house. You do what you can to keep yourself pretty for him. I promise you, this will make him every bit as happy as it makes you when you come home to find that he has done something around the house.


Kiki said...

So true!

Anonymous said...

Great post! Love it :)