Monday, September 19, 2011

Separation anxiety

Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation-Kahlil Gibran.

While I enjoy alone time, where I can read, ponder, watch television, or do basically anything I fancy, I love to be around people as well. I especially like to be with my significant other. I am trying to work out what to do now that I am seeing an introverted man. He needs a lot of time away from people in order to re-set, where I gain energy from being around others. I have an active social life, and am able to fill much of my week with other friends, seeing him only a couple times a week, but there are times where this just isn't enough for me, and there are times where it is overload for him.
Comments? Suggestions? Can these two different personalities ever truly be happy together?


Miss Superman said...

If you love each other then I think it has a good chance of working. As two people both with the best interests of your significant other at heart, you should respect that he needs to be left alone and should grant him that space. But he should also not try to alienate you so much in that time and understand that you need to know that he is still there. Know what I mean?

Joyful Noise for a Joyful Life said...

As we have become empty nesters my other and I have both filled our after work hours with ministry adventures that take us out with young people in our community. He is a pbs watcher so we rarely watch tv together when we are home. Reaching out to others has been my way of adjusting to life after raising 4 incredible human beings.

L A Munro said...

Gibran is one of my absolute favorites. I have my Gram's 1940's copy of The Prophet.
I feel like there is never enough "me" time with a toddler and also a cancer kid. I sometimes have to get my quiet time at about... oh midnight-ish. Then I muster up my strength and wake up the hubs for some "us" time. Sometimes.
...I just came across your blog. My son (8) is going through chemo right now. All the survivors give me something to focus on. Thanks for sharing your story.