Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Babies and Group

My neice Whitney had her baby today. Kiah Denise Rasmussen. She is adorable, with black hair and very pink skin. Whitney is doing well. 

Later today I went to an education class at the cancer center. There was a women there who is still waiting for a diagnosis, and a 22 year old boy with his mother. The boy has been fighting cancer for 4 years. He looked very weak, thin, and had a hard time speaking, but seemed positive, and much wiser than a 22 year old should be. 

I got a call from RX America today. They will send me a months supply of a very expensive anti-nausea for 40$ (YAY!!!). It is normally hundreds of dollars for just a few pills. 

Tonight, I am going to sleep early and work all day tomorrow. 

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Jacki said...

Whits baby is sooo CUTE!! I'm so glad that your meds aren't going to be too expensive for you, that is a little comforting for you i'm sure. I'm sure those meds can be pretty pricey with cancer patients, I think they should be free, with all that you have to go through to begin with. Keep your chin up! :)