Friday, October 3, 2008


Yesterday I was freaking out! I started to panic about starting chemo and radiation Monday. Right now, I seem to do much better when people are around. Tim came over early and we had ice cream and hung out for a bit, then Isabel stopped by. I worked for a bit, then went to a relaxation-breathing class at the cancer center.
I show up late...and there is a roomful of people who all look pretty healthy to me, which was uplifting. We go around and introduce ourselves, and everyone is saying what type of cancer they have. I am the only one with my type (dang I want to find a head/neck cancer buddy to go through this with) and we get to this one girl who says "I don't have cancer, but I get sore throats a lot". Are you kidding me???? Serioualy....She was there, at the cancer center support group because she gets sore throats. What is that all about? 
Anyway, if any of you out there have a sore throat, and would like to come and hang out at the cancer center, aparently you are welcome. I would, however, suggest that you try to enjoy your life and maybe go to a movie or something on your Thursday evenings. 
After Miss Cloreseptic introduced herself, we learned some deep breathing techniques that are supposed to help us calm down. Not sure it will do more than the magic chill pills I was given to take before radiation, but hey, anything helps right?
After, I went to Jared's and he set me up with some music and movies to keep me company for quite a while. Funny, for some reason when I am at his house, its like a cancer free zone. I rarely think about it, which is a welcome reprieve. 
Today I am going to the cancer center for what they call a dry run. We will do a practice session of radiation. Wish me luck!!!

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