Friday, September 26, 2008

Welcome to my life

Hi. I am Tracy. I started blogging recently as a way to communicate with family and friends. I was recently diagnosed with cancer, and this has proven to be an efficient way to update people on my health status. It is also providing a bit of release. I have recently found just how stressful health issues can be on your life.

Family and friends: Please feel free to pass along a link to my blog to other family members or friends who may want to be updated. I have been told it will become difficult for me to communicate verbally during treatment. Not impossible, but difficult. 

About my cancer...It is called Nasopharygeal. It is a rare cancer in the head and neck group. Basically a tumor in my pharynx (tube in my throat, that connects to the sinuses). I am a stage 2B, which my doctors have told me is treatable. In 9 months, I will be good as gold.  

For now...I am dealing with this the best I can and trying to focus on family and health and being strong and happy. 


Jacki said...

YAY!! I loooove Blogger and am so happy that you are doing this.
I will most definetely be following your everyday blogs to see how things are going. I too have a blog spot, the address is...

feel free to add me to yours, and welcome to the blogging world. :)

Collin Loni and CY said...

Tracy!! I didn't know you blog! I will make sure I read them!! Love and miss you!