Sunday, September 28, 2008

Yard Sale & Planning

Dean and Linda hosted the yard sale today. Summer is fading fast, and it was so kind of them to spend a beautiful Saturday morning sitting in the yard bargaining with shoppers. Thank you everyone who contributed. 

I am trying to decide what needs to be done before I start treatment. I have about 8 days left. I have most of the supplies I will need & food in the house. I need to get my house in order. I need to get all of my cancer info paper in one place, cancer books and plamplets gathered, and the bills in order. The insurance has finally started to pay for some of the first tests and biopsies. That is a relief. I can now start paying the deductibles and co-pays. 

Our bishop has asked our ward to fast tomorrow for those in our ward who have cancer. Last count I had was 6 (including me) going through treatment right now. Crazy huh! It's nice to have my very own neighborhood support group though!

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