Wednesday, October 15, 2008

2 in a row!!!

Today was another great day!
No nausea, at breakfast and lunch. Went to radiation and got more hydration and IV anti-nausea stuff to make sure....then radiation treatment which didn't bug today. Without the Ethyol shot, it is so much better! I saw the dr and he said there will be more side effects, but it just plain isn't an option for me to continue with it...which I am good with. 
After, I felt well enough to go to Brick Oven for dinner with my mom after. Salad actually tasted good (drenched in ranch of course). All my food has to be drenched in something lately. MMM Gravy!
While I was gone, Kalynn came over and cleaned my kitchen and brought fresh flowers and the cutest baby pumpkins and made my house smell fresh and look like Autum! I love her !!
Tonight, I'm listening to the debate, talked with Jared for a while, chatted with Jeff for a while, and am basically relaxing and enjoying the lack of nausea. 
I love you all!!!! YAY for good day!!!!

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