Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Visit with the doctor today

I had radiation today, then my weekly visit with a Radiation doctor. They rotate. Today was my first experience with Dr. Brown, and he was great. He was the first Oncologyst in Utah County a million years ago, and started with 2 patients. Cheery, bald, humorous old man and I love him. He told me this is going to get much worse....but is also willing to keep trying stuff to help me through it. Pain pills make me nauseous, so we are trying liquid. If that doesn't work, we will try a patch. I would have liked to try to patch first, but I would be constantly drugged. Are you kidding me? Drug me for 9 months, wake me when this is over!
They weighed me today, and I am down 10 lbs, which is too much. The dr threatened a feeding tube, so I tried very hard tonight. I drank a creamy chicken soup, a bit of OJ, some mini cookies in milk, then had Valerie bring me a donut (of which I ate 1/3) Right now I am trying another drinkinkable soup..creamy tomato parmesan bisque, which I thought would burn, but its suprisingly soothing. I think all together I've had around 800 calories. Which is high for the last 2 weeks. Way high. I think part of the reason I keep getting nauseous is that I don't eat enough to go with the massive amounts of pills I am taking. Blood thinners and anti nausea and anti anxiety so I can sit through the radiation mask for 20 minutes a day and sleeping pills and anti this and anti that. 
Right now, I am listening to Andrea Bochelli and sipping my soup and am very content and relaxed. 
Oh hey, want to send out a thank you to Kalynn for the ride and for taking my curtains to hem, thank you to Trudy for mowing my lawn, and to Jean for the roses, and thank you to Valerie for running Chris around and for the donut run! Thank you everyone else for the well wishes and emails and prayers!
Today, was a very good day!

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Lynnie said...

Hey Trace,

Thanks for being such an awesome friend. I love you so much. When you get feeling like eating real food again, I'm gonna treat you to a spicy 2,000 calorie meal of your choice!