Friday, October 24, 2008

YAY another week down

Time is going by so fast lately. I am grateful for this!
Robin drove me to radiation today, and was kind enough to bring me some yummy homemade chicken corn chowder and rolls. Yummy! 
I was so tired after treatment today that I slept til about 9pm. I am already sleepy again. 
Sometimes it really wipes me out. 
Tomorrow Kalynn is hosting the fun run fund raiser for me. THANK YOU KALYNN!
I found out the stomach shots I was getting (that made me so sick) were over $700 each. I am happy I'm not able to get them now. I'm pretty sure the insurance was paying for them, but still, that is crazy expensive for one shot. I only had 6 shots but was scheduled for 33. 
It will be rough being out of work for so long, but I am so lucky to have good insurance. And the Cancer Center is great about not bugging me about any payment until they get everything from the insurance company. 
Two more days to sleep til I start treatment on Monday again. 

Love you all!

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