Sunday, October 5, 2008

Waiting...waiting...oh crap! it's tomorrow!

I have been so anxious to start treatment, and now its just a day away and I don't think I am ready. I talked to a lady Thursday night. She had received her first treatment of radiation that morning, and seemed fine, which made me feel much better. Then, I ran into her daughter yesterday at Kohl's (love Kohl's) and she said the nausea had hit and she was very very sick. I really hate nausea. With the flu, you wake up and you are sick...with cancer, it is a planned event. Like a roller coaster where there is a build up.Wait...bad comparison...I love roller coasters!

I am listening to general conference right now, and find comfort in it. Later I will have a friend give me a blessing. I wanted to go to the temple before I start treatment, but didn't make it. Maybe I can make it Tuesday before the nausea hits. I am so greatful for the influence of the church in my life. Knowing that God is real, and that He will be here for me, blessing me, through this time, gives me more comfort than I can even express. 

Kalynn is going with me tomorrow, which is comforting. Kalynn is calm and that is what I need tomorrow. I love Kalynn! She has done more to influence me as a mother, and how I will be as a wife, than anyone. 

I had a great talk with my daughter-in-law, Steffani today. She is great, and is great for Tyrel. Her, Ty and my grandson Taygen were going to come by today, but Taygen is sick, so it will just be Ty. I adore will be good to see him for a bit tonight. That boy has always known how to make me laugh. 


Lynnie said...

I'll see you in a couple of hours. I hope you are still asleep. Love you.

Collin Loni and CY said...

Your posts are so inspiring! You are so strong! Thanks for being a great example!