Monday, November 17, 2008

3 Rads left...good day!

Today was great. I got my voice back...crackly but I can talk. Kalynn took me to radiation and chemo. It is always good to spend time with her. I saw the doctor today. He will give me til the end of December before we do some tests to see where we are at (scope up the nose and CT scan) then we should start chemo again after Christmas. YAY! I am so excited to have a break and possibly feel normal for a while.
After chemo I went to dinner with Jeff and Jon and Jared, then to the book store to chat for a while. It was a very good night.
Earlier today I had a good talk with Isabel. Love that girl.
I feel very healthy and happy and positive tonight ;)
Hope you are all doing well!

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ShellBell said...

Great news to hear that you are feeling happy and healthier. Keep at it. You can beat this.