Sunday, November 16, 2008


My cousin Jonathon Duvall got married yesterday so a pretty girl named Nikki. It was nice to go and see some family members that I haven't seen for a while. We need to have more family get togethers.
After the wedding, Levi and I stopped to see Tyrel and his family. Steffani just had surgery and was resting, but we got to see little Taygen. He is way into transformers right now, and was watching a transformers cartoon, playing with optimus prime, while wearing his transformers jammies.
Right now, we have 6 generations alive. Taygen, Ty, Me, My dad, Grandma Duvall and Grandma Slater. Grandma Slater was just put on hospice :(
I love that lady. Her mind is clear as ever. I am going to see her Tuesday before radiation, which should be interesting since she can't hear well, and i can only whisper right now. Yesterday I could talk in a raspy voice, today, only a whisper.


Barbara said...

Thanks for letting me stay. I am glad I was able to take you to treatment on Friday and that you felt well enough to go out to eat. 3 more days woo hoo!!!

ShellBell said...

I just wanted to say that it was so great to see you at the wedding. You looked really good. The burn on your neck looks like it hurts like no other, but I know you can take it.