Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Emotional but good day

This morning I got some much needed paperwork done. Organized receipts for medical reimbursement to send in for my cafeteria plan. Kalynn picked me up and we walked before radiation and chemo. It felt so go to walk in the cool weather. Felt good to be out of my bed and moving!
Radiation went well, but I got emotional when the nurse hooked me up for chemo. I teared up a bit, then just cried and cried for a few minutes. Part of it was that I had been trying to eat new foods for lunch before we left and I couldn't find anything. I made soup (it was too spicy) and macaroni and cheese (couldn't taste it) and a few others so I left with only a few bites in my stomach. So I was feeling like I had failed in my goal to at least eat before treatment. Once I pulled myself together it was good to talk to Kalynn while I finished chemo.
Jared picked me up and took me to dinner at Zuppas with him and Jeff. I had some yummy vegie soup with beans and even ate a 1/2 sandwich. Then I put a dent in a berry shake. We played video games and talked, but I started to wear out at about 9.

7 rads, 1 chemo left for now YAY

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