Thursday, November 13, 2008

Visit from Barbara

My sister is here for a few days. It's great to have her here. I think it will help the next few days to go by quickly too.
I was wrong on my last day of radiation, I thought it was next Wednesday, but it is Thursday. I saw the Dr yesterday and he said my blood counts are all good and my immune system is good. The burns on my neck are starting to peel though, and it is very uncomfortable :(
My voice box is getting worse too, but I can still talk a bit, although it's pretty much a whisper now.
Yesterday, Robin brought me some yummy soup and a turkey pot pie and a pumpkin pie from Costco. Thank you Robin! Thank you everyone for helping to take care of me and for your prayers and well wishes! You all keep me going!

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ShellBell said...

You are so brave and I know that you're one of the strongest women I've ever met. I just found out that you had cancer a couple of weeks ago. I'm sorry. I will pray for you. I know if there is anyone who can get through this--it's you.