Monday, March 23, 2009

Dr visit today...97% YAY!!!

I had a few really good days lsat week, so I was frustrated yesterday when I wasn't able to get out of bed until after 5pm. I finally got up, made some food, and promptly climbed back into bed. I had on oncology appointment today, and was running late so I drank a slimfast just before. When I got the the clinic, I threw up the whole slimfast in the parking lot. I haven't puked for while so I was surprised. Went inside and had my blood drawn and weight checked. I have lost just over 50 lbs, but have been stable the last couple of weeks. My white and red blood cell counts are way low. The Dr talked said I need a blood transfusion, then changed his mind and gave me the $3000 shot that stings like a bee again. Thank goodness for insurance.

While in his office, I got really dizzy and almost fell, which prompted him to ask if I had been drinking already this morning...I said just a little :P

The very good news, is that he looked up recent statistics (they change all the time in the world of cancer) and said that my 4 year survival rate is 97%. I am so happy about that. The treatment a few years back only gave about 30%.

Next week I will have a PET scan, the following week I have the nasal scope done again (joy of all joys) and in 3 weeks I go back to see the oncologist.

Right now, I am going to do my best to take it easy and eat (without throwing it up) and get my blood counts up. I guess I need reminders like yesterday and today that I am still sick, and need time to heal.

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