Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Happy to report, I am still alive :)

I had the port removed this morning. All day yesterday I was anxious about having the procedure done. This morning, I woke up very calm. Levi drove me to the clinic. I saw a neighbor and friend while I was there and was able to chat for a bit. Mom came and sat with me just before they took me back, and was waiting for me when it was all over.

I had a reaction to the antibiotic, just as I did last time. The first time it was penicillin. This time they tried another drug (don't remember the name) and I started itching again, so they stopped it and just used a local antibiotic on the incision (I think that is how the nurse described it to me).

So this was pretty much the procedure:

1. Change into gown, open in front, try to cover the girls with one hand while texting with the other.

2. Nurse comes in, tells me they don't have my paperwork. Wait.

3. Nurse comes back, now has paperwork. Yay!

4. Nurse comes back, sticks IV in my arm. I tell her I had a reaction to the penicillin last time, so she gives me this super antibiotic that no one is allergic to.

5. Scalp starts itching like crazy!

6. Nurse removed antibiotic.

7. Dr Layton comes in to explain procedure and comfort me. Was more comfortable before I knew details of the procedure.

8. Walk into O.R. Climb up on skinny skinny table. My twin bed is a california king compared to this thing.

9. Nurse opens gown (hello world, meet the girls) preps the area with something very orange and very very cold.

10. Start to freak out because I have no water with me.

11. Nurse starts happy medicine drip, no longer care about thirst, operation, or the fact that one of my girls is exposed to the world.

12. Ask the doctor to warn me before he gives me the shot (local anesthesia). Doctor says he already did, and the procedure is almost over. LOVE that happy medicine!

13. Nurse cleans me up, Wheels me to recovery, gives me water, and I rest for a bit, chatting with my mom.

14. Get dressed, go out for Thai food. MMMM Thai food.


Collin Loni and CY said...

WOW! Sounds very successful!

heather said...

you see tracy this is why you got the cancer in the family, you are so funny when telling your dr stories!

Kalynn said...

Heather is right you know.