Sunday, January 30, 2011

Why am I no longer blogging every day? I have been so buy the last few months! I am a full time student at UVU, where I am the student rep for the Integrated Studies department. I am basically a liaison between the department chair and the students, and occasionally I do silly things such as participating in a shopping cart parade (we won for best school spirit YAY!). Although I am quite busy with school, I do find time for hobbies such as shooting, cooking, video games, and I am now playing a game called Legend of the Five Rings with a group of awesome friends. I am also dating and continuing the search for Mr Perfect (for me). Life is good :) Christopher is 10 months away from coming home from his mission. I miss him. Levi and Tyrel are working although things have been a bit slow for them at Nestle. I'm sure Tyrel's boys enjoy having him home. Yes, life is good :)

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Lynnie said...

I love that you are getting a second chance at school spirit! Sounds like a great time.