Friday, February 18, 2011

Family is in town, cancer can now leave.

My sister, Barbara, is here for the weekend. It is always great to have her here. She is awesome! Tyrel, my awesome son, gave me a king size bed and Barbara helped me put new bedding on it last night. This bed, I love it, but it is a monstrosity! It takes up nearly all of my room, which is hilarious since it is only me sleeping in it.

I have a date with Steve tonight. 3rd date. We are watching a play that his daughter is performing in :) Sunday he is coming down for dinner. I have no idea what to make...Suggestions anyone?

Now for some dreaded cancer news (that doesn't involve me): An old friend of mine just had a double mastectomy. So sad when someone loses the girls, but as with any cancer or other illness, you learn to live with whatever it throws at you and you move on.

I found out yesterday that another old friend of mine, Lourdes, whom I worked with at Auto Meter, passed away in December. She had cancer as well. Cancer sucks. Plain and simple, it sucks. My neighbors have it, my friends are dying and losing body parts because of it. It just plain sucks!

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