Friday, February 11, 2011

Update on the date :)

So I went on the date last week and it was a ton of fun! We went to Joe's Crab Shack where I tried lobster and other sea food for the first time. The food was great as were the people and conversation. We made plans to see a play next week.
Tonight I am going target shooting at a range with my new gun. A friend gave it to me for safety reasons and I want to get used to it in case I ever need it (let's hope I do not). It is a high point hand gun and it is incredibly ugly, but I will feel much more safe having it in my home (locked up of course).

Tomorrow I am helping my ward out with a Valentine's party. I will be working in the kitchen, and I guess they will be spot lighting me. I picture a giant spotlight being shone on me, highlighting my already too big pores, while an announcer introduces me as the single lady who is now healthy enough to marry again! Does anyone here have an uncle or a creepy single brother lurking around that needs a woman, because Tracy here could sure use a man!

If you know me, then you realize that I am being facetious and am not really too worried about the spotlight. The people in my ward (congregation) are awesome.

Sunday I will be going to Jared's mother's house for dinner and games and we will make cookies. I am very much looking forward to this. I adore his family.

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