Thursday, November 24, 2011

A lovely Thanksgiving

I love the holidays. Halloween starts off the festivities with its whimsical costumes and creative parties, followed by families gathering for traditional fare, reflecting on the many blessings we have in our lives. Tomorrow, the Christmas season officially begins. I love Christmastime best of all the holidays.

I am not a materialistic person, but I like the idea of gift giving. On Thanksgiving, I focus on those things that I am thankful for, and then when the shopping begins tomorrow, I think about what I can give to others. I don't have much extra to spend for Christmas this year, so I will have to be creative and frugal.

I have asked Jared for perfume. I would love to buy a flatscreen TV for a family gift. Best Buy has a 42" for $199. I can't believe how cheap TVs are right now, but this may have to wait for another Christmas. This year, perfume and a Christmas day spent with all 3 of my children for the first time in 2 years will be better than any gift I could buy on black Friday.

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