Sunday, November 20, 2011

Why follow me, lost as you swear I am - Collective Soul

Collective Soul is one of may all time favorite bands. A few years back, I was in an abusive marriage and the lyrics to their song, December, struck a cord in my heart, and helped me to realize that I was staying with and following a man who was lost. How could I get to higher ground, following someone who was lost? Through the help of some great friends, God, and yes, even music, I left the relationship and have since found "higher ground", and peace in my life.

I checked out the statistics on my blog today. There are over 63 people following me, and there have been over 14,000 hits on my page. This amazes me. I started my blog shortly after discovering that I had cancer in an attempt to keep family and friends updated on my treatment, and hoped that one day someone going through the same type of treatment might stumble across the blog and find hope and perhaps a bit of humor.

As I looked at the stats, I wondered, who are these people following me and taking the time to read about my silly life? I have started following some of you, and it is fun to get to know you through your posts. I hope that I have made a few of you laugh, occasionally given you something to think about, and that in following my blog, you are not following someone who is completely lost (although I do feel quite discombobulated at times).

Lyrics to December, by Collective Soul (check them out)

Why drink the water
from my hand?
Contagious as you think I am
Just tilt my sun towards
your domain.
Your cup runneth over again.

Don't scream about
Don't think aloud
Turn your head now baby
Just spit me out
Don't worry about
Don't speak of doubt
Turn your head now baby
Just spit me out

Why follow me to higher ground?
Lost as you swear I am.
Don't throw away your basic needs,
Ambiance and vanity.

December promise you gave unto me
December whispers of treachery
December clouds are now covering me
December songs no longer I sing

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myrtle said...

One of the best song ever.=D
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