Saturday, November 5, 2011

They Might be Giants, and I might be on my way to gianthood

I have gained 40 pounds back of the 60 that I lost during cancer treatment. I know that makes some of my female friends nervous, as did my weight (180 lbs) prior to cancer. I find this humorous, but also quite disturbing. A short time ago I was dying. At one point, I consumed less than 200 calories a day. I was close to starving to death. My body was so weak, that my children had to help me walk from my bedroom to the bathroom for a time.
Now, I am healthy. I feel great, and I look smokin' hot compared to the pasty, gaunt 120 pound woman slowing being poisoned by her doctors. I see my friends deny themselves dessert, and stress about gaining a few pounds or moving up a size in clothing. I am happy that they don't have bigger issues to deal with, but is short. Live it up, and please don't fault me when I attempt to do the same.
I liked being thin, but I love having breasts again...that I did not have to pay for. I love my curves, and I love the giant muffin I am going to devour shortly.
Obesity has it's own set of issues. I plan to keep my weight in check, just know that I will look like a real woman, and I will eat like one too.

On a happier note: My boyfriend and his roommate took me to a concert last night. They Might Be Giants, and Jonathan Coulton. If you have never been to a "geek" concert, GO! It was a great night!

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