Thursday, January 5, 2012

Does this bronchitis make me look fat?

I have a pretty severe case of bronchitis. I have been hacking for weeks now, thinking it was just a cold and that I would recover any day now. A friend finally talked me into going to the doctor. This friend is named Fronk, and I'll save his story for another day.

Apparently I had a sinus infection that spread down into my lungs. Anywho, I am off work the rest of the week and plan to stay in bed all day today. Last night I watched movies with Jared and lounged on the couch. Being sick sucks, but having an excuse to stay in your pajamas and chill with your sweetie is kind of awesome.

I lost 60 pounds when I had cancer a few years back, and the weight is coming back at a rapid pace. I am up to 160 and that doesn't seem to be holding. 160, contrary to popular belief, is not an unhealthy weight. I know my body, and I know that I feel no better at 140 than I do at 160, but I look better with a few less pounds (unless of course you ask most men, who like curves-sorry skinny girls, they do). But, the clothes I currently have fit me better at 150, and if I keep on the track I am currently on, I will continue to gain.

Jared is motivated now too, which will very much help me. Time to put up the Christmas candy and indulgent attitude and start tracking what I consume and increasing my physical activity. Trouble right now is that all I want to do is eat while I am sick, and I can't exercise much when my lungs don't work. So...I will focus this week on getting the rest I need to recoup, eating healthy, (stop staring at me bag o' Christmas candy!) and making a plan for next week when I am back to work and feeling better.

It may be a New Year's cliche, but nevertheless, it's diet time. There are those who read this who will say diets don't work, you need a lifestyle change. Yes, I will be changing my diet...hence it is a diet. Pedantics people. Pedantics.


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Reyna said...

I found you from the "next blog" sign at the top of my blog.

I enjoyed what I read! Get better soon!!

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I really hope you to get well soon. You are going through an trauma. Suffering from so many ailments, tell you, you are a bravo!!