Sunday, April 1, 2012

Conference with a bang!

I love guns. I like the smell of gun powder and I like how powerful I feel when wielding one. I also love general conference (GC) and feel strengthened by it. Twice a year The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has a two day conference where the leaders of the church give us guidance in addition to the guidance we have in written scripture. After making pancakes and eggs with a couple of my kids, and watching the first session of GC with them, my sweetheart took me to lunch at a small Cajun restaurant in a tiny little town called Payson. I quite enjoyed the food, and the atmosphere was especially inviting. After lunch we went shooting in the hills and listened to the second set of conference on the radio. We shot skeet; I am not great at throwing, and only hit one, but Jared was a good sport about it. Tomorrow there will be no shooting, but there will be more conference. I plan to make breakfast with my boys again and stay in my pajamas all day while we watch conference and play games. Later the boys will meet up with my other son to watch wrestling. I despise wrestling, but I like that they spend time together, and they enjoy it.


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