Monday, April 9, 2012

Emilia Doyle Obituary: View Emilia Doyle's Obituary by Asbury Park Press

Emilia Doyle Obituary: View Emilia Doyle's Obituary by Asbury Park Press

A couple of weeks ago, a young woman with the prospect of an exciting, full life ahead of her, passed away. She had nasopharyngeal carcinoma. She was too young. My thoughts are with her mother, who I came to know online. I also found that one of the men on my online support group found a new tumor.

Cancer is scary. Even when you are 'cured", thoughts of recurrence are always lurking. With nasopharyngeal, a cold or an allergy attack leaves you wondering if the swelling in your sinuses is a tumor. Decongestants give you a bloody nose (a sign that the cancer is back). A sore throat or a swollen lymph node can make you an emotional wreck.

Emilee was just 26. I am confident that she will one day be with her family again. Death is not the end, but it sure would have been nice for her to have a little more time her.

Sorry this is such a somber post. Cancer just plain sucks.

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