Monday, April 16, 2012

Jambalaya, why do you hurt me so?

Last night my sweetheart and I met some friends for dinner at Cheesecake Factory. Jared and I have gone there several times, and he usually orders the jambalaya. I usually take a few bits off of his plate because it is just that good. Last night, however, I decided to let him eat in peace, and ordered my own creole delicacy. I only ate about half of the dish, but I ate all the shrimp. An hour later, I was in the passenger seat of his car itching like mad. It was all I could do to keep from tearing my skin off. I got home and sure enough, covered from head to toe in hives. I didn't have the raised white bumps, but I had the itchy, bright red patches all over my body. They were hot to the touch, and did I mention itchy? After a soak in the tub and massive amounts of Benadryl, the itching subsided and by morning the redness was mostly gone. I made it to church today and have been ok although I am still a little itchy. This isn't the only random allergy I have developed since chemo. I read today that it is quite common to develop them after cancer treatment. I think out immune systems get all mixed up after we put them through the rigors of chemotherapy. I will miss one of my favorite dishes. Perhaps, though, I will try just one piece the next time Jared orders it :)


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