Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Mud room shoe storage

We have a small  bench inside the garage door where we tend to kick off our shoes, gloves, scarves, etc. Jared brought home a couple of discarded crates and I thought I could put them to good use.

One was missing a slat, so we went to a paint store and picked up a free paint stirrer, and nailed it on the back. You can't see it, and Jared got to play with his nail gun. Win win.

I had a sample jar of the red paint left over. I bought a sample of the grey-blue from Home Depot for less than $3, and alternated the stripes. 

They fit perfectly! But need a little something more...

I decided to personalize with some stencils I had and black tole paint. My children have a different last name than Jared and I, so I wondered about the Davis name, but the fact is, this is the Davis home, and our children and grandchildren are loved and welcome here. And so are their shoes :)

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