Thursday, October 30, 2008

Food, Friends, Fun

Myself and a group of girlfriends get together for each others birthday every year for dinne. We usually pick a nice place and go out for rich foods and deserts. For Brookes birthday, she was kind enough to opt to come to my house since I'm not getting out much these days. 
Kalynn brought broccoli soup, Robin brought shepherd's pie for the boys (very thoughtful!) and Kim brought a pumpkin pie (I can still taste pumpkin and its awesome!). Brooke is newest to our group and she is way fun and cute. 
Treatment is still going well. I feel better this week than I have since it started. I am having some trouble sleeping at night the last few days, but I think I have found a trick. Instead of taking something to help me sleep just before bed, I sleep as long as I can (lately til 5am) then take the pill....i fall back asleep until about 11am and feel so much better throughout the day!

I am excited for Halloween tomorrow. It will be fun to see all the neighborkids dressed up. If any of you are near my house, stop by...I'll have chocolate!

Hope the weather stays well for all you that are going to be out and about.

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