Sunday, October 26, 2008

Rough weekend

This wasn't the easiest weekend for me. Saturday night the boys were gone to their dads. I thought I would be ok home alone, but I got pretty emotional and have been so ever since. Tomorrow I do chemo again and I am worried about it. The radiation is bad enough without adding chemo in the mix. 
Also, I have lost a bunch more hair. In the back, underneath it is bald up to the top of my ears. I almost shaved it today, but I think Ill give it another day or too. Im not ready. 
My mom and dad came over to see me, and Tyrel came over for a bit. This helped much. Also, My home teacher and Max came over to give me a blessing. It helped much. They always do. Im still pretty weapy, but I feel stronger, and Im not scared to go tomorrow. 

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