Friday, December 26, 2008

Beautiful Christmas

I spent Christmas morning with Levi and Chris, then went to see Tyrel, and his family. Taygen is so big! I love being a grandma. My boys each got me a ring with their birthstone in it. Levi also got me a chain to put them on if I don't want to wear them on my hands. It was very thoughtful of them! I am so grateful for Christmastime. This year was especially nice for me. I have been so blessed, and people have been so kind. Thank you everyone for being so generous with me and my family, in so many ways. I am so lucky to have such great support and friendship. I feel so normal right now. I still get tired easily and my brain is a little disjointed (isn't that normal for me?) but I am healing very well.
If I wasn't starting treatment Monday, I would say I was about ready to go back to work.

I am not looking forward to chemo again. In fact, I am a bit scared. I have heard nasty things about this. I will get the same chemo I received last time (which wasn't too bad for me), plus something called 5FU. It is delivered via a pump that will be hooked up to me for a few days at a time. It will be housed in a fanny pack that I will wear for those few days. I am not sure if I will be getting chemo every week or every 3 weeks, but treatment will last a total of 9 weeks. Then I can expect 2 months of recovery.

I will keep you posted on how it goes Monday. Right now, I am trying to eat enough each day to maintain my weight (157, down from 190) and enjoying being able to taste most foods again. My body is trying to adjust to eating real food. Meat tastes the most normal to me, so I am eating mostly beef, pork and chicken. Feels like I am on the atkins diet :P

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

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Kalynn said...

Let me know if you need me to take you to any appointments.