Monday, February 2, 2009

Bring on the poison, I can take it

Every time I go in for chemo, they weigh me. I have lost another 10 pounds since my last appointment 4 weeks ago. The doctor and nurse were not happy and I got chewed out a bit and grilled about my eating habits. Most days I am lucky to get one full meal in, but I try to add a slimfast or ensure to that (slimfast tastes much better). Today I had a fried egg sandwich before I left, chicken mcnuggets while I was getting the chemo, and will be eating pizza for dinner with the guys. I'm pretty sure I won't lose any today :)

I bought some popsicles to much on while I have the fanny pack o chemo. The cold shuts off the blood flow in your mouth, so the chemo isn't deposited there. This helps much to avoid mouth sores. This helped a lot last time, although I still got a few blisters when I would eat. They don't really hurt, just annoying (and gross). Maybe that is why I just plain don't want to eat most of the time.

Wearing the fanny pack isn't bothering me near as bad this time as it did before. Partly because I knew what to expect, but also because I am so close to being done now. I will have my last chemo on February 23rd, and will be done on the 27th. I am so happy!!!

I will have March to recover, then plan on going back to work the first week in April. I may go back part time for the first week or two and work my way up to full time. I feel pretty good much of the time, but take quite a few anti nausea pills and other things to get me feeling OK. I would like to be off of all meds before starting back to work. I have had memory issues lately...not sure if it is the medication or the chemo.

Are there any other diseases besides cancer where the cure is so rough? It is on going to the doctor feeling healthy, and he gives you something that makes you feel sick. I know it works. I have read enough about it to know that it works...but it sure isn't a whole lot of fun. I am so grateful to the technology we have today. The survival rates are going up all the time. A decade ago this would have killed me. 4 years ago and the radiation would have blinded me, and the chemotherapy would have taken all my hearing. Can any of you imagine me being deaf and blind? Well, we all know I would still talk and talk and talk.
This is sort of a plug for people to donate to cancer research. They haven't found a magic cure all yet, but they sure make leaps and bounds in making the treatment less debilitating. Also, I'm going to give a plug for the Central Utah Clinic. The doctors and nurses there are amazing. I have never been treated with so much respect. Get your suggested tests done...mamograms, colonoscopys etc... Take care of your bodies, and do all you can to prevent this or detect it early. But if you do end up needing a place to go, this is a beautiful place.

Hope everyone has a great week. Feel free to email me this week as I will probably be home for most of it and love to hear from you.

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Collin Loni and CY said...

Your spirits sound so good right now, even after starting treatment again yesterday! Good for you! I'm glad you know what to expect this time! We will pray for a quick recovery! Love ya!