Sunday, February 1, 2009

Chemo tomorrow

Tomorrow I get poisoned again. I will have carboplatin (a platinum based chemo) administered at the cancer center, then they will hook me up to the 5FU that I will carry with me in a fanny pack for the next 5 days. I really hate this part. I can hear the little machine pumping poison into me every 20 seconds or so. Mentally, I think this has been the hardest part. I find comfort in the fact that I will have only one more treatment after this one. Also, the last time I had this treatment, I didn't lose all of my sense of taste, although I did lose my appetite.
Today I feel pretty darn good, although very tired. I have been sleeping quite late this past week.
My mom will be driving me to treatment, which is good, because left to myself, I just may not go.
I will miss my usual Monday night dinner with my friends tomorrow night. I don't like to go anywhere with the fanny pack on, so I will probably be home until Friday. I have talked to my boys about making sure I eat over the next 5 days. With the chemo pack on, I am happy to just lay in bed and not eat but I know I need to keep my strength up.
For today, I am enjoying a peaceful Sunday, feeling almost normal :)

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Collin Loni and CY said...

Good luck! I will for sure keep you in my prayers!!