Friday, March 27, 2009

Donuts and candy bars

Valerie is on her way to pick me up to take me. We are going out for mexican food. I am having sinus issues, so some hot salsa is in order I think.

Funny, salsa and other tomato based sauces don't bother me, but fruit makes my throat swell really bad. I still eat it, because I need the nutrients, but I really react to it. I am also drinking orange juice when I can...even though I swell up. I am making an appointment to see my ENT for another scope in April. I will ask him then if there is anything I can do to avoid this reaction every time I eat healthy :P

Maybe I should go back to donuts and candy bars???

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Kalynn said...

I wonder if having a smoothie with rice or soy milk and frozen fruit & a little honey would work? Anyhoo, I'm glad you are eating healthier.