Sunday, April 5, 2009

Conference weekend

It was a very good weekend. I quite enjoyed conference, and have a new resolve (as I do every 6 months) to be a better me.
I am feeling great most of the time now. I will have a few days that seem very normal, then sleep for 15 hours or more, which reminds me that I am still healing.
I can eat just about everything, and my taste is completely normal, but I don't particularly enjoy eating anymore. It is something I do to keep alive, and keep it at a bare minimum. When I first started this journey, I read that one of the side effects of treatment can be anorexia. I thought that was nuts. Now I can very much understand it. I don't throw up (on purpose...although sometimes I still do because my body just decides it wants to purge for no apparent reason) but I do find that I forget to eat, and have to force myself at times to eat. I am pretty much maintaining my weight though and make sure I eat at least once a day...sometimes more...and I am eating healthy food when I do eat.

Hope everyone is having a great Sunday. Hope you all have peace in your homes and in your hearts!

Much love to everyone....Tracy

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Collin Loni and CY said...

I'm glad you can eat!! I would SO MISS eating!! Keep us updated on the job search! Take your time and RECOUPERATE!! Love you!