Saturday, April 11, 2009

Good Weekend so far :)

I went shopping yesterday and today and found some really nice clothes to interview in. I am getting rather excited about the job hunt now. If I don't find something soon, I've thought about doing some volunteer work once a week until I find something.

Next week I will have a nasal scope done on Tuesday (my least favorite game) and Wednesday I meet with my Oncologist to go over the scope and the PET/CT scans from last week. I suppose we will work out a plan to follow up on me over the next couple of years at that time.

I am really wanting to get my port removed. The doctors want me to leave it in for 2 years in case the cancer comes back, but I want it out. It is a silly reason too. I tried on swim suits, and you can see the port. Now, you know I am not much of a swimmer, but I do plan on going a few times this year. Silly of me to have it removed for that reason, but I am really self conscious about it. Most people probably won't even notice, but it bugs me.

I am a little scared to have it taken out though. It was a horrible experience having it put in. I don't ever want to walk into an oporating room again. Maybe they will knock me out this time if I ask real nice and act a bit like a lunatic about it.

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Kalynn said...

I love you so much. You should write a book. Just make sure I am portrayed as a hot Cougar type lady.