Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My favorite game...NOT

Going in for the nasal scope today. Oh look! It's April 15th. Tax day. Could this be a more horrible day? Oh wait, its raining outside, possible snow tonight. I am going to officially count this the worst day of the year so far. Also, I am nausiated pretty bad this morning. I think my stomach us just having sympathy pains for my sinuses. Or maybe it was the egg salad sammiches I've been eating. I'm craving protein again, which means I am probably deficient. I lost a few more pounds. Trying to stay stable is proving to be difficult. I need to find something I can eat before I have the scope done.

My appointment is at 1:45 in American Fork. Mom is going to drive me since I will be taking a sedative. I really don't want this done when I am fully alert to what is going one. It is my last chill pill and today seems like a perfect day to take it.

Wish me luck!

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